The Simple Solution For Utility Registration
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Notify provides letting agents with a smart and simple software solution for quick utility registration whilst earning commission.

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Our Service

Utilities & council tax

We’ll inform the current energy and water suppliers of a property that the new tenants have moved in, every time.

Landlords protection

We ensure tenants are responsible for the utilities from day one. This protects your landlords from unpaid utilities being left in their name. We also offer to cover the Void Period with our partner provider SSE.

Tenants are kept informed

Your tenants receive a welcome call and email to inform them who their current utility providers are. Our team will advise them of their options in their new home absolutely free of charge.
In partnership with SSE to provide void cover protection

Notify Features


Void period

In line with our partner provider, SSE, Notify will contribute towards the void period for your chosen properties.

Double inform

Notify will inform suppliers the property is empty and also inform them of where to send the bills if the property is vacant. Once the property is let we will then inform the suppliers of the new tenant’s details.

Never speak to a utility provider

Notify is good at what it does, meaning you won’t need to speak to a utility supplier at all.

Commission and notifications

Notify will pay commission per notification, the earlier you submit the tenant information the more you earn, putting you in control. Simply add the tenancy information to Notify and watch your commissions grow.


Notify is clear and intuitive, allowing staff to be trained in minutes and notifications to be submitted in seconds.


Notify can monitor your Rightmove account and intelligently prioritise your pipeline based on its activity.


All notifications can be tracked allowing visibility to when information has been passed to relevant providers.


All notifications can be tracked allowing visibility to when information has been passed to relevant authorities.

Our Partners

We work with the property industry’s leading software providers to provide them with a quick and easy utility registration service. If you’d like to find out how you can further monetise your existing business without any extra effort, get in touch with Leah Wilson, Data Partner Business Development Manager, on 07908 467 596 or [email protected].