Makes registering utilities a breeze

Benefit from a quick and easy way to register utilities, all whilst earning commission.

What is Notify?

Notify is a free service that provides an easy and simple way to register your tenants utilities, all whilst earning you a commission.

We make utility registration easy for letting agents, because we do all the work for you.

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Earn more with every let

Our Service

Landlord protection

We ensure tenants are responsible for the utilities from day one. This protects your landlords from unpaid utilities being left in their name.


Utilties & Council Tax

We’ll inform the current energy and water suppliers of a property that the new tenants have moved in, every time.


Tenants are kept informed

Your tenants receive a welcome call and email to inform them who their current utility providers are. Our team will advise them of their options in their new home absolutely free of charge.


Notify features

Never speak to a utility provider

Notify is good at what it does, meaning you won’t need to speak to a utility supplier at all.

Happy tenants

Tenants know who their suppliers are and what options they have, right from the very beginning.

Commission and notifications

Notify will pay commission per notification, the earlier you submit the tenant information the more you earn, putting you in control. Simply add the tenancy information to Notify and watch your commissions grow.

Double inform

Notify will inform suppliers the property is empty and also inform them of where to send the bills if the property is vacant. Once the property is let we will then inform the suppliers of the new tenant’s details.

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Why choose Notify?


Notify is clear and intuitive, allowing staff to be trained in minutes and notifications to be submitted in seconds.


All notifications can be tracked allowing visibility to when information has been passed to relevant providers.


All notifications can be tracked allowing visibility to when information has been passed to relevant authorities.

Our partners

We’ve teamed up with some of the leading software providers in the industry to deliver our quick and easy utility registration service..

Notify partner platforms

Customer reviews

“Notify saves so much valuable time to have someone to ‘Notify’ all the utility companies of change of tenants and I would definitely recommend their services to all agents.”

Ann May, Director Martin & Co Leatherhead, Notify customer
“I’d say Notify saves at least a couple of hours of my time a week. I really like the Livechat as a way of getting in touch and it’s great having Jonathan able to give us a call whenever there are any issues. I think it’s really good how easy the system is to use and how everything is kept simple and not overcomplicated.”

Laura Kearns, Account Manager, X1 Lettings, Salford
“It’s such a simple system to use and always gets positive results, it’s just fantastic. We save so much time, up to 45 minutes per property. So much less complicated than anything we’ve ever used before, it really cuts out the hassle from the whole process.”

Julia Hedley, Utilities Manager, Jamie Lewis Residential Lettings